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Put our experience and thinking to the test and enjoy the benefits of a well-managed, comprehensive solution, tailored to your specific needs by utilizing the latest and most innovative methods and technologies.


Innovation refers to the introduction of new ideas, devices, methods, or products. It is the process of creating change and improvement in a business, industry, or society. Innovation can take many forms and can involve technological advancements, new ways of thinking and problem-solving, and changes to processes and systems.


Service refers to the act of assisting or providing support to others. A service-oriented approach emphasizes putting the needs of the customer or recipient first and providing quality support to ensure their satisfaction. Superior service is often characterized by attributes such as reliability, responsiveness, and professionalism.


Having a rock solid reputation is important because it reflects the trust and credibility that others have in us. A good reputation is often associated with qualities such as trustworthiness, credibility, and reliability, and can lead to greater trust, credibility, and success.


The story of Apollo CI Condominium (Apollo CI) began with the initial founding of Apollo Property Management in 1995 followed by Capital Concierge in 2000 and Integral Property Management in 2014. Capital Concierge and Integral Property Management merged in 2017 to form CI Property Management (CIPM). In 2022, the principals of Apollo and CIPM recognized they shared a vision to provide the best service to their clients in the National Capital Region building on their solid reputation, commitment to service and focus on innovation in the industry. Apollo and CIPM announced their plans to merge and Apollo CI was born.

Apollo CI melds the best of the three founding firms, combining innovative technological solutions and a strong commitment to customer service with a hard-won reputation in the industry. Creating Apollo CI involved sharing best practices, leveraging greater resources and forging a new path to the future.

Through it all, we continue to offer our clients a strong commitment to quality, wide-ranging and hard- earned experience in the industry and continuing foundational relationships that shape the success of our clients and our Team.

Apollo CI recognizes that the condominium industry has changed a lot in the last thirty years and is still changing at an even faster pace. We look forward to continuing to build strong partnerships with our clients, delivering innovative solutions while maintaining the proven approaches to always add value and ensure we provide exceptional service growing your assets and making a difference in people’s lives every day in every community we manage.

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