Property Management

Apollo Property Management provides real estate property management services and advisory services to owners of Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Institutional, Hospitality and Residential properties throughout Ontario.

Our portfolio of properties includes over 2 million square feet of commercial, industrial and retail space, two hotel properties and we service client and owners of over 3000 residential units. We have successes with all levels of government clients and hold long-term contracts with clients such as the University of Ottawa. Our experience includes consulting and property management services with various levels of government and many institutional clients in the establishment of best practices, business models utilizing the management of office space, parking services and capital projects.

Our primary business of property management is complex and necessitates a complete and meticulous approach to service. We do not simply safeguard the mechanical well-being of a building or simply ensure that common elements of a property are maintained, we provide comprehensive maintenance plans and sound budgetary and monetary management. Our competitive advantage is our ability while understanding that every property we manage has the unique ownership of each property and the tenants who occupy them. Our understanding of commercial and industrial accommodation and the desire to fully understand a property’s requirements compliments the comprehensiveness of our service offering.

Apollo Property Management’s reputation is solid. We subscribe to a hiring process of best practices and believe in the diligence, honesty and commitment of our team members. Our Team is well versed in commercial, industrial and office management and takes pride in making decisions that are responsible and in line with the goals expressed by our clients.

We offer commitment, expertise, innovation and partnership. Clearly this is a challenge that must be shared between the Client and its Property Management company. We are poised to meet that challenge.

Learn more about OUR TEAM and the services we offer.

property management

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