Community Initiatives

Apollo Property Management is an active member of several committees for the Kiwanis.

Apollo Property Management employees chair or participate on several committees, as these organizations are a benefit to the community.

We have also recently been honoured by being inducted into the Order of the Good Bear by CHEO. The following is an excerpt from our awards ceremony:

“The success of any major fundraising event is usually dependent upon a great team effort. The Kiwanis Duck Race for CHEO is a great example of this and for many years, Pat Charbonneau and the staff at Apollo Property Management have been very important members of our team. Pat and Apollo recognize our need and the value of CHEO to the community they serve. Each year, Pat and the staff at Apollo make a significant contribution to our success by spearheading a ticket sales campaign among their customers, staff and business partners. Apollo Property Management is a great example of a company that uses itself as an instrument to help support the hospital that serves the needs of children and youth in this region and Pat is the driving force behind this effort.”

We are also very proud to support the following organizations/events through donations, volunteer work or special initiatives.


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