“I was concerned when I bought and moved into my first condo. The existing management’s reputation and a new management team (you Apollo) coming into replace them made me extremely nervous. It was a rough beginning. However, once you were firmly in place and had done your triage to determine priorities the experience of being an owner was enhanced tremendously. Your professionalism and the commitment of your staff made condo ownership a wonderful experience. So much so that I purchased a few more condos expecting a similar experience. Instead, I found that other management teams are nowhere close to caring for the building or owners. They do the minimum required and you need to hope that staff will have the personal integrity to want to do what they can for the owners within the scope of their jobs. So thank you for your commitment, professionalism, and above all patience. It has been an honor to get to know you over the years and to watch you guide us gently through some very complex and strenuous situations. You made me feel that we had a voice and that the decision was ours. In retrospect, I can see the tremendous effort and patience it took you to get all our diverse opinions, backgrounds, and experience to come together in harmony to tackle the particular issue at hand. I wish you all the best going forward. Thank you”

Andrew M.
Former Owner OCSCC 696

“Thanks so much to you and your staff for all of your caring and help in making what could have been a very challenging time such a manageable & new wonderful experience. Our family is very grateful for all of the hard work you have done to and for this home.”


“Just wanted to mention how nice it is to deal with your staff since Apollo took over. Your help with my FOBs yesterday is just one more example of how pleasant things can be when done right.”

Mike L.
Owner at Queen Elizabeth Towers

“The report is fantastic, exactly the type of detailed project record I was looking for. Thank you for all of your hard work and effort on managing this project!”

Ashley W.
Commercial Tenant, 80 Elgin Street

“On behalf of the board and social subcommittee, Apollo is cordially invited to join us at our social event at the Lebreton Flats 2. I will let you extend the invite further if needed, as I am sure there are other silent Apollo personnel behind that we do not hear about – at the very least, please thank all on our behalf. We appreciate all Apollo’s efforts in the management and support of our condo – thank you all.”

Charbel E.
President of OCSCC No. 868

” In the last 4 years, I have been dealing very closely with the Apollo Management Team on different levels. When we have encountered problems or issues, Apollo Management was quick to respond. The professionalism and courteous approach is what makes them unique. Communication is the key to build good relationships and Apollo Management delivers on it. On several occasions, Apollo Management went above and beyond. A big thank you to the entire team of Apollo.”

Erick L.
Commercial Tenant, 1111 Prince of Wales Drive

“As a property management service, Apollo’s experience and staff allows our firm to operate more smoothly and safely.  When any issues arise that concern maintenance or hazards, their response time and attention in solving the problem is immediate.  At any given time when we require assistance in one form or another, the staff at Apollo always addresses the situation and routinely attend at our office to oversee that we are happy with the results.  Apollo is more than just a corporation; they are business owners with a personal  interest in their service and their clients’ needs.”

Sharon M.
Commercial Tenant, 1111 Prince of Wales Drive

“Thank you for your commitment to Opus in bringing about the completion of the Opus foyer.  You guided the development and implementation of our gorgeous glass wall.”

Gabe N.
Owner at OCSCC No. 770

 “It became apparent during the negotiations with Claridge, that your knowledge and expertise in these situations was invaluable to our position. Needless to say, we are pleased with the satisfactory resolution to the Tarion process.”

David B.
President of OCSCC No. 725

“I have enjoyed living here and the property management of Viewmount Woods is better than anywhere else I’ve lived. That’s why I stayed seven years!”

Deborah M.
Owner at CCC No. 370

“Louisa and I have enjoyed our 5 years at Kent Towers very much, as it is a superb property, and so well managed and cared for by your team. Please give our regard to everyone on your team from us.”

James H.
Owner at CCC No. 347

“Keep up the great work, the Opus building looks great!”

Judith H.
Owner at OCSCC No. 770

“The wine and cheese party sponsored by Apollo was a huge success and enjoyed immensely by all! A big thank you to all of Apollo for the organizational work given to the event.”

Donna M.
President of OCSCC No. 660

“As the current President of the Board of Directors for C.C.C No. 267, I would like to personally thank the staff of Apollo Property Management for all their hard work in Bay Laurier Place during my past 2 years as a director. Apollo has helped improve the building, and your staff’s experience has been invaluable especially in the areas of Reserve Fund Management and contract negotiations. I have found your staff knowledgeable, friendly and competent in the handling of emergencies.”

John M.
President of CCC No. 267

“Your company is wonderful and speedy and does an excellent job.  We love dealing with you guys and renting with your company”

Corrie C.
Residential tenant at 280 Brittany Drive

“I would be happy to recommend Apollo Property Management to you.  174 Colonnade South is a thirty-six unit condominium which Apollo manages for us. Our overall satisfaction with Apollo is quite high. Our Property Management Team has been professional and a pleasure to work with.  As you know, the Property Manager is the first point of contact with the owners on issues that concern them on a daily basis, and if that interaction goes badly, the Directors and the Chair of the Board are quickly involved.  Apollo property managers have been effective in gaining the confidence of the owners, solving most issues, and suggesting solutions to ones that need Board involvement. We have found Apollo to be responsive to owner and director concerns, and to their calls.  The organization also has a service center which can respond to emergencies when the property manager is unavailable for whatever reason. Budget discussions in the Board have been based on solid Apollo staff work in advance, and the results have proven accurate in the subsequent financial period, given the odd unforeseen event. Two years ago Apollo provided professional support to the condominium board in working through a major review of the Reserve Fund Study, and then a resultant budget re-alignment.  Last year they oversaw a successful planning exercise to dovetail that work with a proposed facade upgrade.  This included financial estimates for a possible Special Assessment if the facade upgrade were to be approved at a future AGM.  They are now providing support to a committee of the Board to finalize this initiative. In summary as I said above, we have been happy with Apollo as our property manager.”

Pat G.
Past Chair, CCC No. 404

“Apollo’s Rental Management Team is fabulous.  They are effective and efficient at managing our properties, which has resulted in less vacancies better rents and more profits.”

Andrew L.
Investor Owner

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