Condominium Management

Testimonials_2Apollo is a conscientious and professional Manager who understands why today’s property investment business is complex, thus necessitating a complete and multi-faceted approach to management. It is no longer sufficient to simply safeguard the mechanical well being of a building or to ensure that exterior improvements are maintained.

Today’s market calls for a conscientious Manager who can provide sound budgetary and monetary management, be familiar with all existing and pending legislation affecting a property, and provide owners with useful information to better understand their investment.

A professional Manager must also pursue all avenues of cost control and show leader-ship and innovation when dealing with growing environmental concerns such as energy conservation and waste management.

At Apollo, we work with owners to assemble full service packages suited to meet the service level and budgetary requirements of each property. Our service packages are comprised of site, financial and administrative elements. We also provide technician, life cycle cost and legal services to ensure that our packages are comprehensive.

In addition to Apollo’s Corporate Head Office located on Prince of Wales Drive, the firm operates three administrative offices in the Ottawa area. These offices are located in Nepean, Ottawa East and in the Downtown core. We provide fully trained and experienced site administrators in all of these offices to personally address any concerns or service requests that may arise.

Apollo’s broad range of experience has assisted many Condominium Corporations in improving the overall quality of life for Owners and Residents. Our focus is to enhance asset value and long-term investment viability as we achieve the greatest value for your investment.

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